A private, international business and philanthropic organization investing in environmental stewardship.

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Setting New Global Benchmarks
In Sustainability And Humanitarian
Advancement Across Industry.

As Featured In:

Forbes, American Business Magazine
Entrepreneur, American entrepreneurship magazine
MarketWatch, financial information website
International Business Times, American online news publication related to business
Fortune, American multinational business magazine

Meet Alshair Fiyaz


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Alfi Foundation

Beyond just its own activities, the ALFI Foundation's cornerstone values of compassion and benevolence are embedded deeply within the driving philosophies of Alshair's business ventures.

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Developing the model sustainable community for the world to follow

Alshair Fiyaz has spearheaded the planning and development of the leading green-energy powered district in Copenhagen Bellakvarter.

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Marriott Copenhagen

Establishing scandanavia's leading lifestyle oriented hotel for business travelers.

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Eland Oil & Gas

A focus on greater environmental standards to emergent markets

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Simply Chocolate

Disrupting the monopoly market with progressive, sustainable alternatives

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Magasin du Nord

An iconic department store

Alshair entered a joint venture under Solstra Holding to buy Magasin Du Nord, Denmark's historic department store chain.

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Denmark's answer to Harrods department store.

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Bella Center

One of Scandinavia’s largest exhibition and conference venues

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Developing sustainable practices across global operations

Alshair Fiyaz has transformed Global Oceanic Carriers including buying carbon offsets to compensate for its emissions.

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The Pacific Coast Energy Company is driving a Golden State renaissance.

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