Entrepreneur, philanthropist and polo enthusiast

Alshair has been a driving force behind the development and modernization of numerous industries, from oil & gas, shipping, real estate and retail to green-energy powered city developments. Projects and acquisitions are considered based on their long-term sustainability, with an emphasis on giving back and supporting communities and ecosystems in emerging markets. 

His diverse portfolio includes heritage European landmarks such as the Magasin Du Nord and Illum department stores, as well as sophisticated new urban centers such as the Bellakvarter conference center and neighborhood, while his energy businesses in West Africa and North America are dedicated to employing sustainable practices across their operations. 

Alshair has long been committed to investing resources into helping people and the environment. Under the ALFI Foundation, these philanthropic projects have spanned dozens of countries, often working alongside partners including UNICEF to deliver on-the-ground support to communities who need it most. Recent projects include the provision of financial aid and essential shelter to refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria, funding for projects dedicated to eradicating Polio in his native Pakistan, and the provision of PPE to front-line medical services during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A keen polo enthusiast, Alshair owns the Polo Club Saint Tropez, where he has overseen the development of the club and its facilities with the passion of a true fan and sportsman.