The Polo Club St. Tropez


The Emergence of a Responsible New Era in Polo and Social Clubs

A fan of top-class polo, in early 2006 Alshair oversaw the creation of a new polo team, Polo Team F. The team has achieved a string of successes worldwide – having taken home the International Polo Cup, the Jaeger La Couture Polo Master, the Farewell Cup and the Côte d ‘Azur Cup, as well as reaching the quarter-finals of the prestigious Golden Cup.

Today Alshair is the proud owner of Polo Club Saint Tropez, based in Gassin in the French Riviera. With a climate and setting ideal for polo, the Club hosts both the Côte d’Azur Cup and the Open du Soleil high-goal tournaments, as well as the prestigious British Polo Day St Tropez – most recently in May 2019. His passion for polo stems from its ability to bring together people from across the world.

Since acquiring the club in 2014, Alshair Fiyaz has overseen the recent transformation of the Polo Club St Tropez into a modern, world-class sporting resort and member’s club. Alongside the best in class professional facilities for players and spectators on offer throughout the polo calendar, Polo Club Saint Tropez hosts a school and infrastructure for the full range of equestrian training from riding and show-jumping to dressage. The revamped country club boasts gourmet dining, luxury accommodation, and a high-tech sports and wellness centre for players, athletes and holidaymakers alike in the heart of the Riviera.

Under Alshair's leadership, Polo Club St Tropez has emerged as one of the leading social institutions in the French Riviera and has directed resource and attention on empowering local and international communities through philanthropic initiatives in partnership with such as equine therapy for kids and families as well as global philanthropic initiatives, promoting the use of the club’s facilities for visiting teams and school children alike.

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